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End-of-Quarter Update

Hi everyone, I thought I’d provide a little end of quarter update and set the stage for some upcoming blogs and videos you can look for in the near future.

Of course, the biggest task we are working on is securing Alberta Energy Regulator approval for our commercial-scale pilot at Marwayne. We submitted our experimental scheme application on July 21, and responded to some requests for additional information and clarification on September 14. Barring any unforeseen additional requests, we expect to hear from them any day now. As soon as we are advised of the decision, we will announce the results and provide some next step activities in a blog or video – stay tuned.

In the meantime, we are engaging with our various partners to nail down the pilot execution. One of the things I’m excited about is we are working on securing a 100% renewable electricity source for the pilot. Once we get this finalized, we will provide further details on our power partners.

We have received our 2 MW RF converter from GE Research, and are busy commissioning it and getting it ready to deploy at Marwayne. Two megawatts is a lot of heating power – more that 1600 large kitchen microwaves – but for something that pumps out that much energy, it’s smaller than a food truck! We are going to provide some photos and videos of this beast soon.

We continue to look for additional partners to contribute to our technical team and provide additional funding. We continue to work with existing partners, including our major oil sands producer, and benefit immensely from their review and input. We will keep everyone updated as we add new partners to our team.

We are adapting well to pandemic working conditions. We are still mostly working from home, but do occasionally meet in person when necessary, socially distanced, and all of us wearing masks. We have invested in broadband infrastructure to increase productivity. Acceleware has benefited from the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, and we have been able to renew our office lease at substantially reduced cost.

Everyone at Acceleware is working hard to move our game-changing RF technology forward, and we commit to keeping you informed on our progress. As you know it is our vision that Canadian energy production can, and should be, as environmentally friendly as possible to usher in the energy transition era. This not only means making sure our fossil fuel production is as low-carbon as possible, but also water-friendly, and minimizes land disturbance. Electrification of fossil fuel production provides a clear path to eliminate burning fossil fuels to produce fossil fuels, greatly reducing the industry’s carbon footprint. Electrification through RF XL eliminates external water use, and greatly reduces land use compared to other oil sands and heavy oil production techniques. In addition to providing a bridge between technologies, electrification also provides a bridge from the good jobs in the energy sector today, to good green jobs in the post-energy transition world. Acceleware and RF XL can help.

We appreciate all of the positive feedback we have received over the last few months, and encourage you to keep watching our website, stay informed of our progress, and invite others to learn about us as we drive RF XL on its exciting path forward.


Geoff Clark, Chief Executive Officer

Geoff has widespread experience in financial, technical, and general management roles with several different TSX / TSX Venture-listed and privately-held technology companies. His experience ranges across a diverse set of industries, including magnetic levitation systems, environmental services, internet services and oil and gas. With strong leadership and management capabilities, Geoff has been instrumental to the completion of various large-scale commercial projects, including directing new operational initiatives, mergers and acquisitions, and he brings hands-on experience with corporate finance activities such as capital raising, share buybacks and corporate restructurings. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Western Ontario, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Calgary.

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