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Acceleware is actively working on EMPowering multiple industries.

Acceleware E house in Marwayne Alberta
  • Thermal enhanced oil recovery

  • Refinery heating processes 

  • Hot water flood

Coal Mining
  • Mineral drying 

  • Calcining 

  • Thermal fracturing

  • Pre-conditioning 

  • Heap heating 

agriculture fields
  • Grain, seed, or crop drying  

  • Protein powder or fractionated ingredient drying 

  • Manure & slurry drying

hydrogen pump
  • Bio-fuel feedstock drying  

  • Process heat 

  • Pyrolysis of methane or biomass 

rolls of paper
  • Product drying 

  • Process heat 

Stainless Steel Pipes
  • Induration furnaces 

  • Calcining  

  • Blast furnaces 

  • Boilers and process heat 

Cement Work
  • Calcining  

  • Process heat 

  • Drying 

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Biomass

  • Glass

  • And more!

Don't see your application? Contact us to discover how EMPowered Heat can work for you. 

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