Bite Sized Capabilities

Develop pad-by-pad

Given the minimal surface infrastructure and capital investment anticipated for RF XL, greenfield oil sands projects can now be developed on a much smaller scale (750-3,000 bbl/day) than the typical 10,000 bbl/day minimum size for new SAGD projects while generating much stronger economic performance. Operators can develop oil sands projects without a costly and large central processing facility, reducing surface disturbance and environmental footprint. Further, the scalability of RF XL enables operators to prove production from new assets on a well-by-well basis, affording time to secure access to capital for growth and expanding production quickly when results warrant new investment.


economically viable

With bite-sized greenfield oil sands projects now economically viable, oil sands development can be successfully pursued by smaller producers with meaningful benefit, including preventing valuable barrels from being stranded, creating local jobs, generating incremental royalty revenue and adding considerable value for the province of Alberta.

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