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Tenaris supplies casing for Acceleware’s clean technology pilot in Canada

Tenaris - September 14, 2021

Tenaris has supplied Acceleware, a developer of clean-tech enhanced heavy oil recovery technology, with casing plus premium connections for its pilot project in central Alberta.

Drilling at the well site in Marwayne, Alberta, is now underway using Acceleware’s RF XL technology, an innovative method for stimulating oil sands wells using electromagnetic heating – powered by clean energy sources like renewable electricity or nuclear to reduce emissions footprint during the production of oil sands - over steam pumped downhole, also eliminating the use of fresh water.

“Acceleware’s RF XL is designed to become an electrification work-horse for the clean energy transition,” said Laura McIntyre, project lead and CTO of Acceleware, in a published news release announcing the kick-start of the pilot. “Our team, alongside multiple expert partners, has performed an incredible amount of design, planning and de-risking to get to where we are today – we are very excited to deploy this technology and to further prove out its feasibility at commercial scale.”

Tenaris supplied casing for the two wells with TenarisHydril Blue® connections for intermediate strings – a connection with high compression resistance and gas-tight sealing. Tenaris also provided its robust and high-performing TXP® BTC connection for the well’s liner.

Technical experts from Tenaris also consulted with Acceleware on the well’s string design.

“Innovative projects like Acceleware’s pilot in the oil sands aim to move the industry forward, to develop a cleaner production of energy resources and reduce emissions – targets that are very much in line with ours as a company,” said Shellie Clark, Vice President of Commercial – Canada.

For more information on the pilot program, click here.

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