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Acceleware wins clean tech award for radio frequency oilsands production technology

JWN - Jun 13, 2017 Acceleware used an insulated tank containing an antenna assembly and wet sand, instrumented with thermometers at different locations in the sand, during early testing of its radio frequency heating technology. Image: Acceleware

Acceleware Ltd. has won the 2017 Global Petroleum Show Award for Emerging Clean Technology for its radio frequency (RF) XL heating technology, an emerging thermal enhanced oil recovery method.

The patent-pending RF XL heating technology has the potential to save billions of dollars in oilsands production costs by reducing both capital and operating costs by at least 50 per cent, the company said.

RF XL could offer immediate and significant improvements in GHG emissions, water use, land use, while not requiring the use of solvents. As an electrically driven process, RF XL can eventually provide a clear pathway to zero GHG emissions production of heavy oil and oilsands, according to Acceleware.

"We believe our RF XL technology exemplifies the 'clean' in clean tech because it can create a clean social license for the responsible production of these assets, give operators a clean start to choose from new reserves that have not been viable to produce to date and provide a clean slate to attract new capital investment to the industry by drastically reducing the capital and operating costs traditionally associated with oilsands and heavy oil production," Acceleware vice-president Mike Tourigny said in a statement.

Judging for the awards was completed by an independent panel of 20 industry experts.

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