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Acceleware Showcased at Propel 2019

Acceleware participated in the 2019 Propel Energy Tech Forum this week as an alumni presenter.

I originally presented at the 2017 Propel forum, and was proud to showcase the significant progress in financing, commercialization, and intellectual property development that we have made in the past two years including:

  1. Securing over $17 million in funding and financing;

  2. Completing our 1/20th scale test and launching our commercial scale pilot; and

  3. Having two patents granted, twelve filed, and another ten in progress.

The conference brings together energy related start-ups and innovators to give them exposure to venture capital funds as well as strategic investors, E&P operators, and the investment arms of the operators. It’s always interesting to see what new concepts and technologies are being developed and funded, while also having an opportunity to ensure all those investors and potential customers are aware of the progress we have made at Acceleware along with the significant benefits RF XL can deliver. To see the recap of our progress since February 2017, please take a look at the Propel 2019 presentation.


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