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EMPowered Heat

Acceleware is pursuing the use of EMPowered Heat for the electrification and decarbonization of thermal processes used in the steel industry. EMPowered Heat can efficiently deliver heat throughout the refining process, including steps such as sintering/pelletization, blast furnace decarbonization, and others. 


EMPowered Heat can scale from 10MW to 100 MW, meaning we can reach power levels required to support energy intense processes inherent in steel production. 

Stainless Steel Pipes

EMPowered Heat

  • Highly scalable and economic.

  • A step-change improvement versus indirect fossil-fuel heat. 

  • Takes advantage of electromagnetic properties found within all materials to heat them directly - far more efficient than losing heat when transferring it. 

  • Eliminates significant energy losses and unnecessary equipment. 

Ready to Get EMPowered?

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