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Precise Teams with Acceleware to Launch Revolutionary Deployment Method

Precise Downhole Services Ltd. - November 23, 2020 In order to help clients drive better performance from their wells using a revolutionary deployment method for distributed temperature sensing, Precise Downhole Services Ltd. has entered into a partnership with Acceleware Ltd.

Acceleware is a leading developer of technologies targeting low-cost and clean extraction of heavy oil and bitumen, including enabling the development of low-carbon bitumen beyond combustion initiatives.

Precise, an industry leader in thermal well surveillance, was approached in 2018 to assist with well surveillance support and technical expertise regarding how to best deploy and monitor Acceleware’s upcoming/revolutionary RF well.

The RF XL is a patented and patent-pending low-cost, low-carbon production technology for heavy oil and oil sands that is materially different from any heavy oil recovery technique used today. With electrification, heavy oil and oil sands production can be made possible through RF XL, supporting a transition to much cleaner energy production that can reduce emissions.

Precise is tasked with supplying the instrumentation technologies that will monitor temperature in two separate legs of the RF well using Precise’s PureLight™ DTS technology. As opposed to traditional sensors which provide measurements at discrete positions, PureLight fibre optic systems deliver highly accurate distributed measurements across the entire sensing length. Each fibre optic system is packaged, customized and specifically tailored to each customer’s requirements. PureLight’s fibre suite delivers reliable, robust products deployable in a variety of configurations suitable for harsh environments.

“In the current environment, it is now more important than ever to partner with like-minded, innovative companies, such as Acceleware,” said Precise’s Director of Engineering/R&D, Mike Melnychuk. “Precise DHS is a reservoir monitoring leader and we are focused on developing new technologies that help our customers utilize downhole data to capitalize on their investments, while maintaining a high standard of ESG performance.”

Precise will also be use its technology to monitor the temperature and pressure of the RF XL’s singular production well using a combination of Precise’s PureLight DTS technology and RFT™ Resonant Frequency Transducer P/T Sensors.

Together, the partners will develop a revolutionary deployment method for instrumentation to reach the toe of a well with a specialized resonant frequency completion design. The instrumentation will log and transmit live data for the life of the well.


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