the acceleware esg advantage


Acceleware is developing CTI based technologies such as RF XL to help industries achieve their Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) goals while also working to ensure our own operations deliver best in class ESG performance.

Our five-year business plan establishes goals for the commercialization of our technologies as well as for our internal ESG performance metrics, along with the development of an ESG-centric culture. These goals will see us operating profitably with a diverse and gender balanced workforce that mirrors Canadian demographics, as well as with gender and racial diversity in management and on boards. Environmental protection and sustainable economics are also top-of-mind.

Our success will be demonstrated by our own internal performance, and even more so by the technologies we commercialize and their ability to rapidly improve ESG metrics across industry.

When it comes to ESG, Acceleware walks the talk; developing game changing innovations that can attract investment to Alberta from around the world.

CTI powered RF XL can bring massive environmental improvements to thermal heavy oil or bitumen production.

Decarbonizing other industrial processes through CTI electrification is also being explored.

ESG - environmental

  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions: Through electrification, RF XL almost entirely eliminates Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions whenever used in conjunction with renewable energy sources. That means true zero, rather than net zero, emissions capability.
  • Fresh Water Management: RF XL not only eliminates the need for fresh water use, but also drastically reduces the scale of water processing facilities. 
  • Land use and Management: RF XL requires less land and speeds reclamation timelines.
  • Biodiversity: The elimination of fresh water use, low emissions, surface disturbance reductions, and no requirements for solvent use or injection/recovery equipment contributes to a healthier ecosystem.
  • Supports ‘Greening of the Grid’: RF XL is unique and can run efficiently on off peak, intermittent power, improving renewable power project economics.

ESG - social

  • Economic Diversity: Advancement of transformative clean tech applications for the responsible development of natural resources can create new economic opportunities and growth.
  • Reconciliation and Inclusion: The Acceleware | Kisâstwêw partnership actively supports the development of sustainable Indigenous economies and works to identify and align interests with Indigenous communities.
  • Skilled job creation/education opportunities: Goals include skilled and high paying job creation for all people incorporating a focus on inclusion of skilled job creation and creation of education opportunities for Indigenous peoples.
  • ‘Ground up’ sustainability in culture – Acceleware is growing a business culture whereby gender and racial inclusiveness and diversity are highly valued and embraced. We practice energy efficiency, ensure income equality, engage in recycling and waste reduction initiatives, as well as actively giving back to our community and to our neighbours.
  • Safety - Acceleware will continue to meet or exceed all safety standards defined by the AER for the Marwayne pilot test, as well as those from Health Canada and ICNIRP defining safe exposure levels to electromagnetic energy.

The Power of Difference:

Social principles are built into Acceleware's culture

Managing Risk Through Inclusive Corporate Governance

ESG - governance

  • Commitment to Leadership and Board Diversity: We are actively working toward mirroring Canadian demographics with a gender and racially balanced representation in management and on our Board of Directors.
  • Creation of a diverse workforce: Our goal is to ensure that our workforce is gender and racially balanced, with focus on opportunities for Indigenous people.
  • Highly Skilled Advisory Board: Represented by seasoned heavy oil veterans, our advisory board provides key technical and financial acumen along with a network of industry decision makers.
  • Stakeholder and Shareholder engagement: Acceleware engages regularly with shareholders, and has a well-articulated long-term strategy that is responsive to global desires to better the planet while advancing responsible economic growth.
  • Strategies, policies and practices: Strategies, policies and disclosure practices are in line with stage of growth. Social and environmental factors are under continuous development.

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