CTI Technology

Clean Tech Inverter (CTI): Acceleware's field-proven, proprietary industrial heating technology 'engine' that can enable the decarbonization of multiple industrial heating processes via highly efficient delivery of radio frequency (RF) energy.

Acceleware has a working commercial-scale (2 MW) version of the CTI.

electrification of industrial heating

Acceleware’s patent-pending CTI heating ‘engine’ can provide reliable, scalable, on-demand, decarbonized heat via RF energy. CTI is extremely efficient, can be adapted to multiple industrial clean heating applications, and could displace fossil fuel reliant heating systems that are both carbon intensive and costly.


cti is proven

CTI has been successfully field tested over many years, including over six months of successive operation in a commercial scale test environment. The CTI uses leading edge Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology that results in over 98 percent conversion efficiency from electricity to RF energy. By delivering this energy directly (and with minimal losses) to the material being heated, CTI could reduce energy intensity by up to 50 percent versus fossil fuel reliant heating, resulting in highly efficient heat at very low cost.  

Research and development work on using our CTI for turquoise hydrogen production, food/agricultural drying, commercial heating, and drying applications for mining is being explored via partnerships, and is now underway.


CTI works well with intermittent power sources, making it possible to use off-peak renewable power easily while avoiding energy losses typically associated with heat generation and transfer. CTI can also accommodate retrofit applications, and could allow for clean, efficient and economic heat, almost anywhere. 

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