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EMPowered Heat
Agriculture & Food

EMPowered Heat could allow for faster and more uniform drying with much less energy and lower emissions. 


Widespread adoption of EM energy to improve the efficiency, emissions, and cost of agricultural drying processes has not been achievable to date due to cost and scalability limitations. EMPowered Heat can change this. 

EMPowered heat is far superior to electric and gas fired dryers

EMPowered Heat offers a proven high-power, high efficiency platform that is low cost, and can be applied to bulk solids drying. 

Crop Field Aerial Shot

The EMPowered Heat Advantage:

  • Can eliminate or reduce direct GHG emissions.

  • Lower energy cost and faster drying reduces opex by up to 50 percent. 

  • Efficient energy transfer means minimal heat losses, maximum energy delivered directly to the water.

  • Volumetric heating – fast and uniform water removal drives energy input reductions of up to 50% for the drying process. 

  • Precise temperature regulation allows for higher quality product. 

Ready to Get EMPowered?

Stay tuned for next steps towards the development of EMPoweredBulk Solids / Crop Drying applications.

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