Geoff Clark

Chief Executive Officer

Geoff Clark is Chief Executive Officer at Acceleware Ltd., leading a broad research and development portfolio of electromagnetic applications that focus on an urgent climate change challenge: the electrification of industrial heating. Geoff’s vision is that Intelligent Electric Heating could replace large-scale industrial combustion heating, making a material difference in global GHG emissions in the near term. He is a strategic leader who is resolute regarding the criticality of clean technology in addressing global decarbonization, and in developing a profitable, sustainable and low emissions economy for all.

Geoff brings decades of operational leadership experience with many technology companies, and has been instrumental to the timely completion of multiple large-scale commercial projects. His experience ranges across a diverse set of industries, including electromagnetic systems, magnetic levitation, environmental services, internet services and energy. In 2021, Geoff received Canada's Clean50 Award™, which recognizes teams who have done the most to advance the cause of sustainability and the clean economy in Canada. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Western University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Calgary.


Tracy Grierson

Chief Financial Officer

Tracy is a Professional Chartered Accountant (CA) with over 20 years of experience across a wide variety of accounting and managerial arenas, including establishing and implementing automated finance processes and managing large-scale corporate reporting. Her professional track record includes leadership roles working with public, private and non-profit organizations across a breadth of industries that include oil and gas, environmental, mining, agriculture, healthcare, education and hospitality. As an established and versatile leader in finance with expertise across accounting, financial reporting and corporate finance disciplines, Tracy has combined her talents to lead several business transformations. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with majors in both accounting and human resources from the University of Manitoba.

Dr. Michal Okoniewski

Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder

Michal co-founded Acceleware in 2004 and is a renowned expert in applied computational electrodynamics and RF/antenna engineering, with a proven history of developing leading-edge scientific solutions for the electronics, medical and energy industries. With over 25 years of experience, Michal has pioneered hardware acceleration of computational electromagnetics, authoring over 350 technical publications and obtaining several patents. His innovations have revolutionized the engineering of modern computational devices, and he is now having the same impact on the science underlying heavy oil production from unconventional reservoirs. Prior to Acceleware, Michal provided consulting services for the electronic and biomedical industries in North America and Europe. He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University, Gdansk and is a Fellow of IEEE. He is a Professor for the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department with the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary, Canada.


Mike Tourigny

Chief Operations Officer

Mike is an accomplished executive with over 30 years of international experience building high-growth, disruptive and innovative businesses in the energy, utilities, telecommunications and technology sectors. Mike started his career in the oil and gas industry before pivoting to technology, where he worked to commercialize several diverse and ground-breaking innovations. He joined Acceleware in 2013 after being attracted by the enormous decarbonization potential for several heavy emitting industries via radio frequency (RF) heating. Mike’s unique aptitude for navigating the barriers associated with business growth across a wide range of industries makes him well-suited to spearhead the process of commercializing Acceleware’s RF heating applications. He holds a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Calgary and a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance from the University of British Columbia.

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