A cleaner future

For oil sands and heavy oil production, RF XL can be the difference.
That's Innovation. That's ACCELEWARE.

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Low-cost, Low-carbon
Extraction Technology

Acceleware aims to be the global leader in clean oil sands and heavy oil production technology.

Be part of the solution

Today, we need to be conscious and deliberate in how we develop heavy oil and oil sands resources. We believe that fossil fuels can and should be produced cleanly, responsibly and economically - addressing climate change challenges while ensuring sustainability and economic competitiveness. RF XL is a clean-tech development that could essentially modernize heavy oil and oil sands production. It provides an opportunity to deploy a major and transformative innovation that could revitalize the industry – and fast.

a cleaner,
source of energy

We believe clean technology innovation will reduce environmental impact, while simultaneously reducing cost of production.

Accelerate your clean energy future: learn how RF XL can work for you.