Oil and Gas

The exploration and production marketplace is faced with demands for ever-higher resolution, faster turnaround cycles, larger datasets and greater complexity to meet the needs of internal and external customers. The upward pressure on global demand for oil, coupled with declining conventional reserves has E&P companies turning to increasingly complex computing to maximize oil assets and recovery, through reservoir simulation, and minimize exploration risk, through improved high resolution seismic imaging.

Acceleware’s combination of high performance software products, professional services and training allow you to get exactly the solution that is right for you. Please contact us to find out more about licensing our software and technology.

Acceleware Architecture

Acceleware Seismic Products Layer Model

Acceleware is leading the market in providing acceleration solutions for seismic data processing and reservoir simulation. By combining our core knowledge in parallelization and optimization of complex algorithms with an in-house team of oil and gas domain experts, Acceleware provides software solutions for seismic data processing and reservoir simulation, which access the massively parallel capabilities of compute GPUs and today's multi-core CPUs. Acceleware's seismic processing solutions provide multi-fold performance increases to reduce lengthy processing times and deliver faster business decisions for the seismic industry. By harnessing the parallel processing power of GPU accelerators and multi-core CPUs to dramatically increase the computation power of data centers, seismic jobs are processed faster and with a reduced total cost of IT ownership.

Acceleware Oil and Gas Products



  • Faster processing, approx. 10X speed-ups
  • Higher Resolution
  • Higher quality business decisions, sooner
  • Identify objectives before your competitors
  • Spend less for the same compute capacity; 3-4X more compute capacity for same dollar
  • Optimization for reservoir simulation
  • Library enables seamless integration into your workflow
  • Integrates with existing or new applications
  • Allows higher level development focus
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Seamless multi-core and multi-GPU support
  • End-user experience is identical, just faster
  • Integrate API's once, support all hardware platforms at runtime
  • Future proof for next generation platforms
  • Insulate developers from the ever changing hardware landscape
  • Maximize use of legacy hardware
  • Instant, optimized support for future platforms via software updates
  • Full cluster capability
  • Efficiently scales across many nodes
  • Dynamically scale to the size of problem you are trying to solve
  • Manages all the details of MPI, sockets, synchronization
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Lower power
  • Less cooling
  • Smaller data center footprint
  • Reduced data center complexity (reduced number of servers)

Acceleware's O&G software is specifically tuned to increase processing speed with the use of NVIDIA® Tesla™ GPUs or multi-core CPUs.

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