Trademark List

The following is a list of Acceleware's trademarks.

Trademark Status What
Acceleware ® Acceleware is a registered trademark.
AxKTM AxKTM is Acceleware's software solution for the most popular migration method in the seismic data processing industry.
AxRecon Acceleware’s AxRecon solution accelerates image reconstruction for micro-CT scanning with the processing power of GPUs.
AxRTM Reverse Time Migration (RTM) is the current ‘state-of-the-art’ in seismic imaging and implemented into Acceleware’s patent-pending software solution AxRTM.
AxWave AxWave is an accelerated seismic modeling product developed by Acceleware.
AxFDTD AxFDTD is an accelerated finite difference time domain product for electromagnetic simulations developed by Acceleware.
AxHeat AxHeat is simulation tool used for the design and analysis of a radio frequency heating process of heavy oil reservoirs.


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