Faster and Highly Accurate Seismic Images and Velocity Models

with Acceleware’s Suite of Commercial Seismic Software and Custom Software Solutions

Full Waveform Inversion Reverse Time Migration Forward Modelling
A revolutionary modular full waveform inversion application which provides the highest level of subsurface velocity model accuracy and leads the industry in compute speed. AxRTM is a full-featured reverse time migration solution that can be integrated into any existing seismic processing framework and enables oil and gas companies and seismic data processors of all sizes to economically realize the benefits of RTM imaging. AxWave is a high performance finite-difference application used for the simulation of seismic wave propagation through the subsurface enabling fast and accurate simulation of 2D and 3D seismic energy in an acoustic medium.
Finite-difference time-domain Marine controlled source electromagnetic Electromagnetic (EM) solvers
Finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) is a widely used modelling technique dealing with electromagnetic wave interactions and material structures. The marine controlled source electromagnetic (CSEM) method is a low-frequency electromagnetic imaging technique. Our Electromagnetic (EM) solvers connect EM software applications to the massive parallel processing capabilities available with computational processing units (GPUs).

Fastest seismic data processing and imaging software solutions on the market

Off-the-shelf and custom software development

Experts in optimizing complex algorithms

Acceleware has Solutions for Your Most Complex Computing Requirements

By combining our expert knowledge in parallelization and optimization of complex algorithms and with an in-house team of oil and gas domain experts, Acceleware leads the market in providing the fastest solutions for seismic data processing and imaging. We are the experts offering off-the-shelf solutions and custom software development to suit your requirements.

Acceleware's seismic processing and imaging solutions provide multi-fold increases in compute speed to reduce lengthy processing times and deliver faster business decisions for the seismic industry. By harnessing the parallel processing power of GPU accelerators and multi-core CPUs to dramatically increase the computation power of data centers, seismic jobs are processed faster and with a reduced total cost of IT ownership.

Solutions can be accessed through our cloud solution or run on existing multi-core computing hardware.

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Benefits of Acceleware’s Solutions

  • Higher resolution imaging for less uncertainty
  • Better business decisions are made faster than competitors
  • Spend less money with more computations and less risk
  • Seamless integration into existing applications
  • Multi-core CPU and multi-GPU support for higher productivity
  • Accessed from the cloud saves IT costs, better manage turnaround times, and produce higher resolution images and models.


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