An innovative solution for
recovering stranded heavy oil
and oil sands reserves

Radio frequency heating for heavy oil production

The continued depletion of conventional oil reservoirs is driving the search for new recovery methods for stranded reserves.

Radio frequency (RF) heating is an emerging thermal enhanced oil recovery method offering an efficient production solution for stranded heavy oil, oil sands and carbonate formations. A form of electromagnetic heating, RF heating uses an antenna placed inside a well to radiate energy into the formation, lowering the viscosity of oil and allowing for production. This method can provide a production solution that can be used in reservoirs where steam or solvent methods are unviable or ineffective.

Scenarios well suited to the use of RF heating include highly heterogeneous and fractured reservoirs, reservoirs with high water saturation, deep reservoirs, thin reservoirs and shallow reservoirs with limited cap-rock.

The white paper The Application of Radio Frequency Heating Technology for Heavy Oil and Oil Sands Production can be downloaded after filling out the form below. It includes:

  • An overview of electromagnetic heating methods
  • A comparative study RF heating Vs. electric heating
  • RF heating production simulations for vertical and horizontal wells
  • An economic comparison of RF heating Vs. SAGD
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