CTI Hydrogen Project

Project Overview

Acceleware and Aurora Hydrogen are collaborating to develop what is expected to be the most efficient, clean, and scalable hydrogen (H2) production process designed to date, supporting a transformative opportunity for Canada’s energy sector.

The two-year (February 2023 – December 2024) project will employ a novel methane pyrolysis approach, utilizing electricity converted to radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic waves via Acceleware’s Clean Tech Inverter (CTI).

The resulting technology could be applied in distributed hydrogen production, to supply hydrogen in locations farther away from major production hubs but that still have access to natural gas. This solution could overcome the challenges of transporting hydrogen over long distances while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and significantly reducing cost.

Hydrogen H2
Clean Tech Inverter - CTI

objectives / goals

The Acceleware/Aurora collaboration will set out to:

  • Prove RF technology via CTI is capable of heating the Aurora reactor at least as efficiently as the existing microwave pyrolysis reactor.
  • Scale up demonstration to 200 kg/day system output.
  • Prove methods and pathway to 2 tonnes per day scale up viability.
  • Support carbon by-product usage in industrial applications.
  • Support data for techno-economic assessment of novel technology performance.


  • Could prove distributable and scalable hydrogen reactor designs for a low-cost solution with high hydrogen conversion efficiency.
  • Can be produced with near-zero GHG emissions, no water and limited land use.
  • Leverages existing NG infrastructure, secures jobs, creates jobs.
  • No or very limited carbon capture and storage required due to conversion ability at point of use.
  • Valuable solid carbon by-product potential to generate new use and replacement materials for critical industries.
  • Significant technology export potential.
Hydrogen H2

Current status

The current status of the Acceleware / Aurora collaboration:

  • The Alberta Innovates led Hydrogen Centre of Excellence announces the award of $2 million to Aurora as part of their Advancing Hydrogen – Competition 1 Program. The funding is to be shared equally between Aurora and Acceleware.
  • Definitive agreements for the collaboration are in progress.
  • An outline of project milestones has been completed and agreed upon.
  • Acceleware and Aurora have a Memorandum of Understanding in place regarding the collaboration, announced on September 7, 2022.

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