Calgary, Canada, January 18, 2016 – Acceleware Ltd. (TSX-V:AXE) announced today that Thrust Belt Imaging (TBI) has purchased Acceleware’s leading-edge seismic forward modelling software AxWAVE™.

TBI has selected Acceleware’s AxWAVE for its ability to provide consistent and highly-accurate results, its intuitive easy-to-use interface, and its exceptional alignment with TBI’s interpretive model-building strategy.

“The TTI anisotropic wavefield modeller gave consistent, accurate results and running a suite of models with variable dip was straightforward and fast,” said Dr. Rob Vestrum, Chief Geophysicist, Thrust Belt Imaging.  “This technology fills a gap for us to expand our service offering to work with our clients through the seismic exploration cycle, potentially including recommendations for acquisition design.”

“TBI has a strong technical reputation in the Seismic Imaging domain” said Geoff Clark, chief executive officer of Acceleware. “We are very pleased they have chosen our technology. Seismic Modelling has historically been undervalued. It can provide the most subsurface insight with the least amount of effort and cost which is of increasing importance in today’s environment when operators must make the most out of very limited exploration and seismic acquisition dollars. AxWave provides geophysical service providers another avenue to offer value-added, risk-reducing services to their clients.”

About AxWAVE

AxWave is a finite-difference forward modeling library used for the fast and accurate simulation of 2D and 3D seismic wave propagation.  AxWave leads the industry in computational performance with advanced algorithms optimized for parallel processing on multi-core CPUs and compute GPUs. 

AxWave can be used for isotropic, VTI and TTI media, with unrestricted acquisition geometry and topography. It offers geoscientists flexible parameterization, including a high degree of control over the quality and speed trade-off inherent in finite-difference modeling.  Advanced physics features include highly efficient absorbing boundaries, grid optimizations and precise source and receiver locations. It is available as a standalone application as well as a high level library that can be integrated into any existing seismic processing platform. AxWave has been fine tuned for optimal performance and can be used on work stations for rapid testing as well as clusters for large scale survey simulations.

About Acceleware

Acceleware ( develops and markets high performance computing (HPC) software solutions for the energy and engineering industries. These solutions allow customers to speed-up simulation and data processing algorithms, benefitting from HPC technologies such as multi-core CPUs and massively parallel many-core GPUs. As experts in programming for multi-core CPUs and massively parallel GPUs, Acceleware’s professional services team specializes in accelerating computationally intense applications for clients to speed up product design, analyze data and help make better business decisions. Acceleware’s products and services are used by some of the world’s largest energy and engineering companies.

Acceleware is a public company on Canada’s TSX Venture Exchange under the trading symbol AXE. Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

For further information:

Geoff Clark
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