CALGARY, Alberta – August 28, 2012 – Acceleware® Ltd. (TSX-V: AXE) a leading developer of high performance computing applications, is partnering with Altera Corporation to deliver specialized OpenCL™ (Open Computing Language) training to Altera’s customers who are adopting this open standard language to program its FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays). Acceleware is leveraging its expertise in high performance computing to design and deliver this unique training program that teaches developers how to fully utilize the parallel processing power of Altera FPGAs.

The dedicated OpenCL training assists developers who want to design their FPGA applications in a high-level C-based framework, increasing productivity and offering a significant time-to-market advantage.

“Acceleware has taught over a thousand developers the secrets of great parallel programming,” said Robert Miller, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Acceleware. “Typically, customers will be able to accelerate their development efforts by four to six months when they enrol their programmers in our courses, and we look forward to achieving the same results with Altera customers.”

Acceleware’s training focuses on how to write OpenCL applications and optimize them for Altera FPGAs. Students will be taught how to achieve high performance by taking advantage of the heterogeneous nature of OpenCL and the massively parallel capabilities of Altera FPGAs. The training is targeted at design teams who work with parallel algorithms and computationally intense applications which are commonly found in a range of industries including financial, military, medical and broadcast.

Acceleware’s training is currently available only for Altera’s OpenCL for FPGAs Early Access Program (EAP) customers. To join Altera’s OpenCL EAP, contact your local Altera sales representative.

About Acceleware

Acceleware develops and markets high performance computing (HPC) software solutions for the engineering and energy industries. These solutions allow customers to speed-up simulation and data processing algorithms, benefitting from HPC technologies such as multi-core CPUs and massively parallel many-core GPUs. Acceleware software, specialized HPC training and consulting services are deployed by companies worldwide such as Boston Scientific, Samsung, LG, General Mills, Nokia, RIM, Medtronic, Hitachi, FDA, Mitsubishi, Sony Ericsson, Fugro, MicroSeismic and Rock Solid Images to speed up product design, analyze data and make better business decisions.

Acceleware is a public company on Canada's TSX Venture Exchange under the trading symbol AXE.

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