AMSTERDAM, Netherland – August 24, 2011 – Paradigm™ ( announced today that Fugro ( has selected the Paradigm Reverse Time Migration to meet its challenging depth imaging objectives. Reverse Time Migration is a preferred solution for imaging of seismic data in areas affected by complex wave phenomena, such as those encountered in the deep waters of Gulf of Mexico in the presence of salt structures.

Developed in collaboration with Canadian-based Acceleware Ltd. (, the Paradigm Reverse Time Migration (RTM) is structured to handle large seismic datasets with an efficient high performance computing implementation for clusters equipped with many core (CPU and GPU) processors. In addition to imaging of surface recorded seismic data, the Paradigm RTM is able to image seismic data recorded at borehole locations.
"Paradigm’s highly efficient implementation of Reverse Time Migration imaging technology provides Fugro a competitive advantage in areas with complex overburden formations such as salt bodies. Combined with data acquired by our latest state-of-the-art vessels and solid streamers, we will be able to provide our customers with seismic data that reveals unprecedented detail and accuracy in these challenging settings." said Andy Conway, president of Fugro Seismic Imaging, Inc.

“We are pleased that Fugro has selected the Paradigm Reverse Time Migration to augment their full seismic imaging portfolio," said Edip Baysal, chief geophysicist at Paradigm. "This combination of advanced computer science and geophysics will allow Fugro to generate high quality seismic images in basins with contrasting geologic structures and velocity in predictable project time frames."

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About Acceleware

Acceleware develops and markets solutions that enable software vendors to leverage heterogeneous, multi-core processing hardware without rewriting their applications for parallel computing. This acceleration middleware allows customers to speed-up simulation and data processing algorithms, benefitting from high performance computing technologies available in the market such as multiple-core CPUs, GPUs or other acceleration hardware.

Acceleware solutions are deployed by companies worldwide such as Philips, Boston Scientific, Samsung, Kodak, General Mills, Nokia, LG, RIM, Medtronic, Hitachi, Fujifilm, FDA, Mitsubishi, Sony Ericsson, AGC, NTT DOCOMO, P-Wave Seismic and Renault to speed up product design, analyze data and make better business decisions in areas such as consumer electronics, industrial design, seismic data processing, imaging for the medical, industrial testing and security, defense, financial, and academic research.

Acceleware is a public company on Canada's TSX Venture Exchange under the trading symbol AXE. Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

About Paradigm™

Paradigm ( is the largest multi-national software company exclusively focused on the delivery of analytical and information management solutions for the discovery and extraction of subsurface natural resources. Serving the oil & gas and mining industries since 1987, Paradigm, with its 700 employees, operates globally via its 31 client service, technology and administrative facilities located in 27 countries.

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