Calgary, Canada and Darmstadt, Germany –  September 12, 2006 – Computer Simulation Technology (CST) and Acceleware Corp. (trading symbol AXE on TSXV) today announce their channel arrangement and availability of Acceleware's hardware acceleration solution for CST's market and technology leading Time Domain solver within CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® 2006 (CST MWS).

A key concern in industry's R&D departments is the time required to bring a design idea to the virtual prototype stage. Speeding up design cycles and optimizations is crucial to achieving improvements in R&D throughput and productivity. Acceleware's technology significantly reduces simulation run times and opens up new dimensions for design and development engineers relying on the accuracy and versatility of CST's market leading Time Domain solver. Projects in areas like antennas, passive component design, signal integrity and many others will greatly benefit from this new development., The combination of Acceleware's technology with CST's Time Domain solver will notably increase simulation speeds by a factor 3-10 times, when compared to CST's previously recommended computer specifications.

"Computer simulation is becoming increasingly attractive for all kinds of design processes due to a steady flow of improvements in software development and also due to a rapid improvement in computer hardware. The Frequency Domain has been benefiting from the increase in available memory in the recent years, but users of CST's Time Domain technology will now gain a significant advantage through hardware acceleration" commented Dr. Bernhard Wagner, Managing Director, Sales & Marketing, CST.

"Hardware acceleration is the differentiator for CST's customers who want to develop and bring new products to market in record time. A product development schedule that may have taken a year or more can be reduced to months with our integrated acceleration technology. The positive financial impacts and ROI resulting from a faster time to market need no further explanation" states Chris Mason, Director of EM Product Management, Acceleware.

The acceleration board will operate from version 2006B of CST MICROWAVE STUDIO and will be available to purchase from November 2006. A prototype may be seen at EuMW 2006 in Manchester, UK.

About CST

CST is one of the two largest suppliers of electromagnetic simulation software and has continuously enhanced its position as market and technology leader in 3D Time Domain simulation. With over 90 employees worldwide and a network of qualified distributors, 130 people are dedicated to the development and support of its EM products in more than 30 countries.

CST MWS is a leading edge tool for the fast and accurate simulation of high frequency applications such as antennas, filters, couplers, planar and multi-layer structures, SI and EMC. It offers a variety of solver modules in both the Time and Frequency Domain. CST MWS is the only HF 3D EM simulation software that enables users to switch seamlessly between Time and Frequency Domain, Hexahedral and Tetrahedral grids. Further information about CST is available on the web at

About Acceleware

Acceleware (TSXV: AXE) develops and markets performance-optimized acceleration products that significantly reduce the run-times of high-performance computing (HPC) applications such as cell-phone design and seismic data processing. By leveraging the base processing power of GPUs (graphics processing units) with proprietary acceleration software, compute-intensive applications can achieve unparalleled performance and speed. Acceleware delivers processing superpower.

Acceleware is developing and selling products for the electromagnetic, energy, biomedical, pharmaceuticals, industrial and military markets. These markets share a common need; as companies continue to push the boundaries of innovation and demand faster product-development cycles for more complex products, the need for accurate and timely computer modeling and testing is steadily increasing. For more information, visit

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