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The Acceleware Opportunity

Acceleware's vision is to be the global leader in clean-tech enhanced oil sands and heavy oil production.  With over 165 billion barrels of oilsands reserves in Alberta alone, and a total addressable market of over 8 trillion barrels of heavy oil deposits globally, Acceleware's disruptive and proprietary RF XL technology is poised to revolutionize how this oil gets produced, enabling energy companies to cleanly and economically increase production levels while reducing carbon emissions.

For further information on CTI applications, please contact Mike Tourigny.

"Broadview looks forward to working with Acceleware to advance the RF XL technology as we recognize its significant potential benefit for business, industry and the environment in opening up a new era of growth within the heavy oil sector, and we are excited to have a front row seat at the Marwayne test site where we will support Acceleware’s efforts to validate their RF XL technology. Over the past 30+ years, Broadview’s personnel have trialed and closely monitored a number of different heavy oil recovery technologies. Broadview recognizes Acceleware’s RF XL technology as one of the biggest potential game-changers in heavy oil and bitumen recovery since SAGD (steam assisted gravity drainage) was commercialized over 20 years ago."

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