The oil industry is seeking innovative methods to produce oil sands and heavy oil deposits at a profit, and with significantly less environmental impact than steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD), cyclic steam stimulation (CSS), or surface mining. To address this need, Acceleware Ltd. is developing a unique radio frequency (RF) heating technology, called RF XL, which is a materially new approach to mobilize heavy oil and bitumen that uses radio waves rather than steam.

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  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction: What Business Needs does RF XL address?
  3. How RF Energy Can Generate Heat in the Sub-surface
  4. How Does RF XL Differ from Typical RF Heating?
  5. Technological Advantages of RF XL
  6. How RF XL compares to other EOR methods
  7. RF XL Oil Sands Simulation Scenario
  8. Economic Impact
  9. Environmental Impact
  10. Why it will work
  11. Commercial Scale Pilot Test and Commercialization Path

Accelerate your clean energy future: learn how RF XL can work for you.