Acceleware was very pleased to be asked to present at the 2019 SPE/CHOA Slugging it Out conference in Calgary on April 16th. We have presented at Slugging it out two times in the past, and were excited to have the opportunity to provide attendees with updates on our progress in the commercialization of RF XL.

Slugging It Out is a heavy oil and bitumen focused conference that has been held annually for over 27 years. Each year has a theme – and this year was “Optimizing Prime: Transforming Heavy Oil.” The theme is particularly appropriate for us as we work to commercialize this technology that can truly transform the production of heavy oil and bitumen.

I was able to give attendees an overview of our progress since our presentation the previous year which included the milestones below:

  • Over $15M in funding secured
  • Prosper Agreement signed for test site
  • RF converter development (GE Global Research)
    • design completed, first module built and tested, and full unit currently being assembled & tested
  • Surface Facilities design completed by Scovan.
  • Drilling & Completion design by Codeco-Vanoco.
  • Ongoing internal simulations and de-risking tests.

In addition to our progress milestones, I was able to spend more time to focus on some of the fundamentals of the RF XL design. While we often talk about how much more efficient RF XL is compared to ‘traditional’ approaches to RF heating using dipole antennae we realized we don’t often get a chance to explain that advantage in more detail. The slides shown here showcase the energy efficiency and capital cost advantages of RF XL compared to the diplole approach.

Accelerate your clean energy future: learn how RF XL can work for you.