On April 22nd, people across the world will celebrate the 51st annual Earth Day, where we will initiate sustainability efforts, appreciate nature, and educate others on how we can reduce our carbon footprint.

Hi everyone, I thought I’d provide a little end of quarter update and set the stage for some upcoming blogs and videos you can look for in the near future.

With increasing pressure on the industry to improve ESG performance, RF heating offers a path to zero emissions where it can rely on entirely renewable sources of power in addition to eliminating the use of fresh water . While the cost of such renewable sources has prevented it’s use on commercial scale, advances in RF heating technologies and in renewable power generation are making this concept a viable alternative for the near future.

I am a recovering steam addict.

You may have read in our news releases or in our white papers that we are developing, jointly with GE Research, our own radio frequency (RF), ultra-high power converter system (patent pending). These are systems that take either DC or 60 Hz AC energy and convert it to RF energy that we then deliver to our underground RF XL system. You may have also heard that we have utilized silicon carbide (SiC) transistors to achieve unprecedented RF power levels and efficiencies. So why are we so excited about SiC transistors?

A Blueprint for Building an Oilfield Services Company in 2020

Accelerate your clean energy future: learn how RF XL can work for you.