In The News

In The News
Nov 16 VIDEO: Acceleware to use radio waves to help extract heavy oil
Nov 08 How One Alberta Clean-Tech Company Is Trying To Improve Oil Sands Extraction
Nov 06 11 Alberta cleantech projects get $28.8M in backing from feds, province
Nov 03 Governments of Canada and Alberta invest in cutting-edge clean technologies to encourage clean growth
Nov 03 Acceleware to proceed with commercial RF oilsands pilot with $10 million in new federal/provincial funding
Aug 21 ​Acceleware steps closer to commercializing RF oilsands production technology
Jun 13 Acceleware wins clean tech award for radio frequency oilsands production technology
Mar 28 T-minus three years to radio frequency oilsands production after successful field test: Acceleware
Mar 15 World-Class Energy Technology Showcased at #PROPEL2017
Oct 26 Acceleware improves performance of proposed radio frequency heating technology for oilsands production
Aug 30 Acceleware Partners with GE In Radio-Frequency Oil Sands Extraction Trial
Jul 07 Seismic Imaging in the Cloud!
Jun 17 GE, Calgary tech firm team up on ‘game changing’ oilsands cleantech project
Jun 16 Shares heat up after Acceleware partners with GE to test oilsands ‘microwave’ technology
Jun 15 Acceleware and GE say their new radio frequency oilsands tech could drop costs up to 50%
Oct 29 Full Waveform Inversion Advancements with Acceleware
Oct 29 SEG 14: Acceleware introduces modular full waveform inversion application
Aug 05 Acceleware to Present on HPC for Oil & Gas Exploration at EAGE Workshop
Jun 16 Acceleware Kicks Off EAGE by Announcing Reseller Agreement with GeoTomo
Jun 16 Acceleware Announces Partnership with GeoTomo
Feb 14 Acceleware Announces Partnership with Open Geophysical and Dolphin Geophysical
Feb 10 Woodside Selects Acceleware’s High Performance Seismic Modeling Software
Dec 02 Woodside Selects Acceleware’s Seismic Modeling Software
Jul 03 Energy Efficiency: Acceleware building a better future for the oil patch
Apr 08 Scientific Computing World: Digging for black gold
Mar 25 Acceleware says most CUDA applications are memory bound
Feb 19 - Alberta's Advanced Technologies
Dec 18 DownUnder GeoSolutions Selects Acceleware's Reverse Time Migration to Deliver Leading Edge Seismic Depth Imaging
Sep 20 Acceleware Presentations at GTC On Demand
May 04 Emerging Companies Ride Wave of GPU Computing
Oct 20 Significant Upgrade to Spectrum’s Seismic Imaging Software
Oct 11 Fugro Makes Reverse Time Migration Choice
Jun 21 AMD's Graphics Core Next Preview: AMD's New GPU, Architected For Compute
Oct 28 High performance, high accuracy FDTD implementation on GPU architectures
Oct 27 Solution Provides High-performance, High-quality, and Reliable Seismic Imaging
Oct 27 Micro-Computed Tomographic Evaluation of Fetal Skeletal Changes
Jun 09 Paradigm Announces New Seismic Imaging Solutions
Apr 05 TGDaily - Acceleware rolls out Nvidia Tesla-based super computer
Mar 30 IEEE - Speed It Up
Nov 17 NVIDIA -NVIDIA And Partners Form Industry’s Broadest Parallel Computing Development Ecosystem
Oct 27 insideHPC - Acceleware Delivers Enhanced Processing Capabilities for RTM
Aug 10 NVIDIA - Computer Vision, Supercomputing And Advanced Visualization Among Highlights At NVIDIA’s GPU Tech Conference
Jul 29 NVIDIA - 60 Innovative Start-Ups To Present At NVIDIA’s Annual Emerging Companies Summit
Mar 10 HPC Wire - NVIDIA Lends Helping Hand to GPU Computing Startups
Mar 05 Desktop Engineering - Supercomputing and the Cloud
Mar 04 Scientific Computing - A supercomputer chip for every man
Dec 23 Desktop Engineering - Partly Cloudy, Bright Skies Ahead
Nov 25 Microwave Journal - Efficient, Accurate, Reliable EM Simulation Tool
Nov 19 NVIDIA - NVIDIA Tesla TurboCharges High-Performance Computing Industry
Nov 12 Scientific Computing - Graphics cards as accelerators
Sep 28 Embedded Computer Design - Acceleration software brings supercomputing to the desktop
Sep 25 Scientific Computing - Kodak uses cluster solution to aid image sensor design
Sep 24 RF Globalnet - Kodak Utilizes Acceleware’s Cluster Technology
Sep 24 The NEw York Times - Nvidia Chip Speeds Up Imaging for Industrial Use
Aug 01 Laser Focus World - Efficient design of image pixel sensors improves performance
Jul 01 Scientific Computing - C30-16
Jun 30 Oil & Gas News - Acceleware speeds up search for oil and gas with GPUs
Jun 20 The Register - Acceleware creates beastly GPU-based cluster
Jun 18 insideHPC - Acceleware speeds up linear solver library 20x on NVIDIA gear
Jun 04 InsideHPC - Acceleware Solution Adopted By Major Pharma
Jun 02 Scientific Computing - From CPU to GPU
May 09 High Performance Computing – Increasing Computational Performance with Hardware
Apr 07 Bio IT World - Life Scientists Get Their Game Faces On
Apr 07 Advanced Imaging Pro - Speed Thrills: Accelerated Simulations at to Cell Phone Safety and Efficiency
Mar 24 Desktop Engineering - Acceleware Enters the Imaging Market
Mar 11 Medical Physics Web - Image reconstruction revisited
Mar 10 med Gadget - Faster Tomography Image Reconstruction from Acceleware