The table below contains information about configurations that can be used to run Acceleware FDTD solvers. The green configuration are supported configurations that are extensively tested by Acceleware Quality Control. The yellow configurations are untested but are expected to work. Support for problems encountered with the untested configurations can be limited at Acceleware's discretion.

The links in the table below will direct you to the appropriate download page on NVIDIA's website.

Supported Hardware

Hardware Windows 10 RHEL 7.5
Quadro K5000/ K5200/ K6000 461.09 460.32
Tesla K20/K40/K80 461.09 460.32
Quadro M4000/ M5000/ M6000 461.09 460.32
Tesla M40/M60 461.09 460.32
Quadro P4000/ P5000/ P6000 / GP100 461.09 460.32
Tesla P100/TITAN X (Pascal) 461.09 460.32
Quadro GV100 461.09 460.32
Tesla V100 461.09 460.32
Tesla T4 461.09 460.32
Quadro RTX 4000/5000/6000/8000 461.09 460.32
NVIDIA A100/40 461.09 460.32
  Supported and Tested
  Not tested

Please Note:

  • Service Pack 1 must be installed
  • Enabling Driver Persistence mode is recommended to avoid possible stability issues with the NVIDIA driver.
  • Run "nvidia-smi -pm 1" as a root user or upon startup.

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