DiscoveryLab Meeting - March 14, 2023

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Global greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, at a time when they need to be rapidly falling. Almost half (47%) of global GHG emissions come from the combustion of fossil fuels to generate heat.

Acceleware's patent-pending Clean Tech Inverter (CTI) could massively reduce heating-related GHG emissions in these sectors, including producing turquoise hydrogen, bulk solids/crop drying and mining, and heavy oil and oil sands production. 

Decarbonizing Industrial Heating via Clean Tech Inverter (CTI) Electrification

Virtually join Mike Tourigny, COO, as he addresses this problem and presents the solution of electrification via CTI: Acceleware's field proven, proprietary industrial heating technology platform that can enable the decarbonization of multiple industrial heating processes via highly efficient delivery of radio frequency energy.

Accelerate your clean energy future: learn how RF XL can work for you.