Global Energy Show 2023 - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Join Acceleware at North America's Leading Energy Event

Hosted on June 13-15, 2023 the Global Energy Show will be inclusive to all energy systems, including features on the exhibition floor and conference in oil sands, hydrogen, wind, solar, petrochemicals, gas and LNG, electrification and nuclear. As no single source of energy can meet the increased global energy demand, the Global Energy Show is where Canada demonstrates its vision and leadership by bringing the right people together to meet global challenges with real-world solutions.

Together at the Global Energy Show in 2023, energy professionals will come together to lead the path of meeting energy demand, discussing energy transition, showcasing technology and innovation, and discovering the role of all energy sources in the greater energy system.


Global Energy Show Exhibition & Conference

Technical Session - Clean Tech Inverter: Enabling a "Picks and Shovels" Decarbonization Technology for the Clean Energy Transition

Tuesday, June 13 2023
Clean Tech & Environment Theatre - Room A
2:00 PM - 2:30 PM


There currently exists a clear and urgent need for foundational innovation within multiple heavy emitting sectors. Acceleware’s Clean Tech Inverter (CTI)is such an innovation: a “picks and shovels” decarbonisation via electrification tool for industries seeking to economically cut greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions in the very near term, with particular focus on the energy sector.

The patent-pending CTI heating ‘engine’ can provide reliable, on-demand, decarbonised heat via extremely high efficiency RF energy delivery. Not only is CTI efficient, but it is also highly economic, and can displace fossil-fuel-reliant heating systems that are both carbon intensive and costly. CTI is scalable, and can be adapted to multiple applications.

Applications/partnerships currently under development for CTI include heavy oil and oil sands production, hydrogen via RF powered methane pyrolysis, agricultural /crop drying, and mining.

Allison Aherne

Allison Aherne - Director Subsurface Engineering, Acceleware

Allison’s position at Acceleware has her exploring the application of RF XL, Acceleware’s proprietary Radio Frequency heating process, at the Marwayne project. Additionally, she is investigating the application of this technology both in Canada and Internationally. A lifelong learner, this marries Allison’s technical expertise with her commitment to increasing efficiencies and decreasing the environmental impact of Thermal In-Situ projects through the application of new technologies and processes. 

With over 20 years of experience, Allison has held a variety of technical and management roles on projects such as Devon Jackfish, Suncor Firebag, Husky Saskatchewan thermal projects and Sunrise. 

Allison’s educational background includes MSc – Chemical Engineering - U of C, BSc Petroleum Engineering - U of A, and BComm - U of A, and is a member of APEGA.   

Mike Tourigny

Mike Tourigny - Chief Operations Officer, Acceleware

Mike is an accomplished executive with over 30 years of international experience building high-growth, disruptive and innovative businesses in the energy, utilities, telecommunications and technology sectors. Mike started his career in the oil and gas industry before pivoting to technology, where he worked to commercialize several diverse and ground-breaking innovations.

He joined Acceleware in 2013 after being attracted by the enormous decarbonization potential for several heavy emitting industries via radio frequency (RF) heating. Mike’s unique aptitude for navigating the barriers associated with business growth across a wide range of industries makes him well-suited to spearhead the process of commercializing Acceleware’s RF heating applications.

He holds a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Calgary and a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance from the University of British Columbia.

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