Energy Disruptors: Unite 2022

Named Canada's Best Conference, Energy Disruptors: Unite (EDU) is the fastest growing future energy event in the world. The unconventional profit-for-purpose summit is designed to be a conduit for global energy, mobility, and climate solutions.

EDU is unapologetically unique in the deliberate cultivation of diversity in perspectives on and off stage. We lean in on the difficult conversations, boldly exploring complex, and divisive topics including the crucial, yet much overlooked, social and human side of profound global change.  The aim is to empower participants to see our biggest energy challenges as our greatest opportunities.

Mike Tourigny at Energy Disruptors: Unite 2022

Decarbonizing on a Global Scale

Join Mike Tourigny as he dives into Acceleware’s push to decarbonize industrial heating and drying processes, as well as heavy oil and oil sands recovery through CTI Radio Frequency energy. 

Acceleware is passionate about decarbonization and is working to ensure that we can deliver critical results to make meaningful change across the globe.

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