CWF Virtual Event | Energy Jobs of the Future

It’s a rapidly changing world of work . . . are you prepared?

For decades, new grads have headed to the oil and gas sector in Western Canada for meaningful, well-paying jobs in a thriving industry. But as demand for cleaner, greener and more efficient energy grows, that career path isn’t quite so obvious anymore. Today, students, young professionals and industry itself are having an “OH S#!T” moment about what’s next. They’re asking questions like:

  • Can I make money and work in a field that cares for the environment?
  • Are my skills ready for the new green economy?
  • Am I heading into an energy job that may disappear in a couple of years?
  • Is there really a life in – and beyond – oil & gas?



Employer needs in a changing world

Forward-thinking energy sector employers will share insights on how their organizations are innovating and evolving, and what future employment opportunities young professionals should anticipate.


Nayantara Sudhakar, Canada West Foundation Analyst


Suncor Energy
Ballard Power



Everyday life on the job

Young energy professionals pull back the curtain and reveal how their skills are being put to use in the evolving sector, and what other young people need to know about employment in the industry.


Brendan Cooke, Canada West Foundation Analyst


Andy Tertzakian, Data Science Engineer, Teine Energy
Larry D’Silva, Environmental Remediation Advisor, TC Energy
Richard Hares, Principal – Carbon Management, Sproule
Sophie Griffiths, Market Analyst, Canada Energy Regulator



Educating the workforce of tomorrow

Education experts offer their take on skillsets and competencies required by employers and the best ways to gear up the young workforce for tomorrow’s opportunities.


Stephany Laverty, Canada West Foundation Analyst


Deanna Burgart, Co-Founder and President, IndigeSTEAM
Sara Hastings Simon, Director, Master’s Program in Sustainable Energy Development, University of Calgary
Ron Thiele, President, Xpan Interactive
Janet Lane, Director, Human Capital Centre, Canada West Foundation


Breakout sessions

Small, interactive breakout sessions give attendees the opportunity to pose questions to recruiters  and other experts from industry. You’ll learn more about the transforming energy sector and discover how this is changing the skills and talent required by these organizations.

Breakout rooms hosted by representatives from: Acceleware, ATCO, Ballard Power, Cenovus, Enhance Energy, EQUS, Exergy, GHGSat, Iron and Earth, ReWatt Power, Suncor and more.

The best defense . . .

Prepare your offensive strategy by joining the Energy Jobs of the Future event as we take a close look at the future of work in the energy industry of tomorrow.

The Canada West Foundation has assembled a cast of energy industry experts ranging from young professionals employed in the sector, large and small employers and education leaders to examine how this generation can prepare to be part of an energy workforce in an environmentally sustainable world.

There are few professions not impacted by seismic shifts rocking the sector. Law, engineering, geoscience, technology, finance, business or the humanities – the move to green and clean is forcing broad sector-wide change. Whether you’re a student looking at career options, a professional wanting to transition your career, or an interested bystander – you’ll find value in this event.

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