Net Zero Conference & Expo

To achieve Net Zero, we must collaborate, share knowledge and influence change.

The goal of Net•Zero Conference & Expo is to grow Canada’s economic prosperity, while working towards carbon neutrality by 2050 (net zero 2050). In order to greatly reduce carbon emissions, almost every government and industry has a role to play; and to do it without harming Canada’s economic prosperity may be the largest challenge of them all.

With the 2015 Paris Agreement, nearly 200 nations submitted plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions. However, these measures are not nearly enough to meet the Paris goals and the agreement stipulates that countries would submit commitments to more radical cuts five years later.  

This informative three-day event brings together stakeholders from government organizations, regulatory bodies, oil and gas producing companies, service and supply companies, research centres, and academic institutions to discuss and collaborate on various aspects of oil and gas methane emission detection, mitigation, and reporting, such as regulations, policies, research, technology development and deployment, and best practices within five streams: MethaneCCUSHydrogenElectrification and Nuclear towards achieving net-zero by 2050.



Session 13: Electrification - Industrial Investment and Electrification

Wednesday, October 26 - 1:00pm MST
Location: Macleod E2


Marla Orenstein, Director of the Natural Resources Centre, Canada West Foundation


David Arkell, President & CEO, 360 Energy Inc.
Bob Masterson, President and CEO, Chemistry Industry Association of Canada
Geoff Clark, Chief Executive Officer, Acceleware
Keivan Hirji, Senior Sustainability & External Relations Specialist for North America, Newmont

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