Global Energy Show - CHOA Heavy Oil Theatre

The Canadian Heavy Oil Association invites you to join our CHOA Theater as part of the Global Energy Show – Calgary, Canada, September 21-23, 2021 at the BMO Centre, 20 Roundup Way SE, Calgary, in Stampede Park. Please use the code CHOAVIS for your free pass to our theatre and access to the show floor.

As a partner of the Global Energy Show and our special guest, you will also enjoy an exclusive 20% discount on the purchase of a conference pass, for either the Strategic or Technical stream, by using the code CHOAGES20M.


About the Canadian Heavy Oil Association:

In 1986, our organization was created by heavy oil and oil sands operating companies and their suppliers to help facilitate the development of Canada’s heavy oil and oil sands resources with a principal original focus on developing the recovery process technologies to commercially extract our vast resources. 

Today we exist to more broadly strengthen Canada’s energy sector by providing our members and sponsors, and the general public, with technical, educational and social programs that and expand their knowledge, relationships and influence in the heavy oil and oil sands community.  

Our organization has embraced the vision for Canada to be the most responsible and innovative energy resource developer in the world.  As a non-partisan organization the CHOA is here to create opportunities and space that can spark the shifts and the advances our industry needs. 

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