CTI = Massive Environmental Benefits

CTI could yield massive decarbonization results on a global scale. Be it via methane pyrolysis for hydrogen production, bulk solids drying or commercial building heat, the ability to replace fossil fuels or inefficient electrical heat with highly efficient and clean RF heating could yield many meaningful environmental improvements. These include:  

  • Massive water reduction potential in clean hydrogen production -  pyrolysis can virtually eliminate water that would be required for
    electrolysis in green hydrogen production. 
  • Meaningful carbon emissions reductions or even elimination within industries that account for an estimated 47% of current GHG emissions globally.
  • Fugitive methane emissions


RF technology is well understood and very commonly used in a variety of day to day applications, and is, in fact, even applied as a disinfestation tool for soil and disinfection of foods. As with all Acceleware applications, we will work to ensure that CTI heating meets or exceed all regulatory and safety requirements, including those of International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), and Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP).

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