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Acceleware believes that integrating CTI-driven RF as the energy input for a pyrolysis reactor could result in the cleanest, most flexible, and most economic hydrogen globally. Hydrogen from pyrolysis is often referred to as turquoise, because it combines the cost efficiency of blue hydrogen with the emissions reduction benefits of green hydrogen. Another major environmental benefit is that the pyrolysis process requires zero fresh water, and does not require disposal of any resulting wastewater. 

Pyrolysis is quickly gaining attention due to environmental benefits and economic potential. Having greater than 98 percent conversion efficiency means that CTI-driven RF energy could be the most economic and effective way to commercialize and scale-up hydrogen production. CTI pyrolysis is expected to be flexible, scalable, and capable of distributed low-cost production with no carbon emissions.

Hydrogen H2

Acceleware has partnered with Aurora Hydrogen to produce highly economic, scalable, CTI-powered clean hydrogen via RF-driven methane pyrolysis.

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How it works

Acceleware has a working commercial-scale version (2 MW) of the CTI platform. The CTI is capable of operating at 20 kHz to 120 kHz and at a power range from 100 kW to over 10 MW. The power of this heating ‘engine’ could allow for significant improvements to a pyrolysis reaction since CTI produced RF energy could provide conversion efficiency and cost advantages over other energy sources. The CTI technology has (1) been developed over seven years and is currently operating at a 2 MW maximum power level, (2) is proven and capable of scaling to over 10 MW, (3) provides a rapid path to scale hydrogen production to industrial levels of 20 tons /day at 10 MW while maintaining unparalleled energy conversion efficiency.

Acceleware is currently engaging with partners to accelerate CTI hydrogen technology development.

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