In 2017, I retired from full time work as a VP for a major oil and gas producer in Calgary. It was the right time for me - it felt like I just kept dealing with variations on the same old issues. In the next phase of my career, I wanted to be involved with some things that had the potential to really change the way we did things. I was looking for the opportunity to make step-change improvements as opposed to the incremental, continuous improvement approach that I, and the industry, had been following.

As we start into 2020 - the year of perfect vision - I’d like to stop and acknowledge the incredible successes the amazing team at Acceleware achieved in 2019.

Last year I finally made the move. I traded a decade and a half long career with major oil sands companies for a small, heart on our sleeves, room full of brilliant people organization - all collectively working to create a game-changing technology – and it has been truly an eye-opening experience.

A state of polarization has stalemated our country regarding energy and fossil fuel development, summed up well by Annette Verschuren and Derek Evans (The Globe & Mail: “For unity’s sake, it’s time to bridge the gap between energy and climate”) earlier this month, “we can’t ignore climate change and we can’t just turn off the fossil fuel taps.”

I love Canadian heavy oil. Not just because I am from Lloydminster, nor because I have dedicated the entirety of my career to the "schmaggy" stuff, nor even because the livelihoods of my family and my friends depend on it. I love Canadian heavy oil because...

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