Acceleware retires support for the FDTD acceleration library based on the Operating System (OS) and the Graphis Processor Unit (GPU). This is done to focus development resources to harness the latest technologies to further speedup your simulations. Acceleware does not limit your ability to use your GPU for acceleration if you have a valid license. However, newer features may not be supported in your existing GPUs or may run with untested outcomes. The upgrade path to newer software releases from Accelware and our partners may be disabled for older platforms.


acceleware windows logo  OS support for Microsoft Operating Systems follows Microsoft's Lifecycle Supported Services announcements. contains information about Windows XP Professional. contains information about Windows 7 lifecycle. Accelware only support Windows XP Professional and Windows 7 Professions (and variants). Please note, Acceleware only supports 64-bit versions of Microsoft OSes. An exception is made for Windows XP Professional 32-bit.

Operating SystemService PackEnd of Life Date
Windows XP Professional (32-bit) SP 1 30-Sep-2004
Windows XP Professional (32-bit) SP 2 13-Jul-2010
Windows XP Professional (32-bit) SP 3 8-Apr-2014
Windows XP Professional x64 SP 0 14-Apr-2009
Windows XP Professional x64 SP 2 8-Apr-2014
Windows 7 Professional x64 Release TBD


acceleware redhat logo OS support in Linux follows the Red Hat Enterprise Linux support Life Cycle policy. Support is discontinued when the OS entered the Extended Life Cycle phase. This is documented at Please note that support is limit to the latest update of the OS or the last update tested by Acceleware. Please note, Acceleware only supports x86_64 versions of RHEL.

Operating SystemLast Tested UpdateEnd of Life Date
RHEL4 8 February 29, 2012
RHEL5 6 March 31, 2017
RHEL6 0 November 30, 2020


acceleware nvidia logo GPU support ceases three years after the last product ship date from NVIDIA.

Graphics Processor Unit (GPU)End of Life Date
Quadro FX 5600 April 3, 2012
QuadroPlex IV April 3, 2012
Tesla S870/C870 June 30, 2012
Tesla C1060/M1060/T10 Processsor June 30, 2014

 Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions regarding the EOL policy.

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