The Acceleware Advantage

There are several key advantages to consider when choosing Acceleware Professional Services to bring success to your HPC projects.

  • Experience
    • Acceleware has been working commercially with GPUs for HPC since 2004!
  • Real World Experience
    • The Acceleware team has built and implemented GPU solutions to over 150 Fortune 500 companies, research institutes and governments. Our in-depth knowledge and experience working with GPUs and solving general multi-core problems was gained by satisfying customers who rely on Acceleware solutions every day to accomplish their work.
  • Multifaceted Approach for Speed
    • We clearly understand that the best solutions are not created by only focusing on a small slice of the problem. World class solutions must manage the job from end-to-end to achieve the fastest result possible. Therefore it is crucial to understand programming language options, possess expertise with optimizing algorithms and know everything about low-level hardware issues. When Acceleware engages in a professional services project, it is always a team approach including:
      • Research Group – Our resident gaggle of PhDs work to fine tune your algorithm for maximum performance.
      • Programming Group – Acceleware programmers are fully schooled in the real world (also highly schooled from the academic towers) of production ready code. Their experience assists them to recognize potential problems and bottlenecks before they happen.
      • Hardware Group – This group consists of experts in low level hardware programming, communication interfaces and testing. They maintain an extensive collection of GPUs, multi-core CPUs and Clusters to insure in house testing is complete.
  • Test, Test, Test
    • With over 9 years of experience programming GPUs for computing, Acceleware has developed an extensive proprietary test suite.
  • Our Customers
    • Contact Acceleware to learn more about the results we have already delivered to customers.