An Alberta Grown Innovation; Acceleware’s answer to low emissions, low cost oil sands

Acceleware's RF XL is an all-electric, game changing heating technology that uses radio waves rather than steam to mobilize heavy oil, resulting in dramatic economic savings. RF XL requires no solvents, no external water, has a much smaller physical footprint and can immediately reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to SAGD. In fact, RF XL provides a clear pathway for producers to achieve zero GHG emissions from their heavy oil production. RF XL is an exciting and critical innovation in the quest to produce oil from Alberta’s oil sands, other oil sands deposits and heavy oil deposits around the globe with zero carbon footprint.  

In essence, RF XL operates like an inside-out microwave oven, with radio waves seeking out and heating the water that already exists in the oil-bearing formation. The in-situ water turns into steam, which then heats the oil. As the water turns to steam, it no longer absorbs energy from RF XL, allowing that energy to reach further into the formation to heat more water. This 'volumetric heating' effect allows RF XL to heat the entire formation far more efficiently than steam injection. This results in similar oil production levels to SAGD, while using only half of the energy.

Simply put, RF XL can deliver more energy to in-situ oil more effectively than SAGD or any other thermal processes. This means we can save money, reduce emissions, and can produce oil cleanly and profitably from a wider range of reservoir types than has been possible to date. 

In addition to RF XL, Acceleware has developed Modular RF, a patent pending technology that further extends Acceleware’s ability to produce heavy oil and oil sands from a wide range of formations.

While similar in makeup to RF XL, Modular RF differs in that it delivers electricity directly to modules of RF generators antennae that are in the pay zone.  The system uses small RF generators integrated with each module to convert electricity to RF power with high efficiency, can be used to create a radiating length from 10 – 2000m, and has the ability to control and shape the power delivered to the formation intelligently over time.