RF Heating

Radio Frequency Heating for Hydrocarbon Reserves

The growing demand for more flexible and effective production of unconventional resources and the ongoing focus on environmental concerns are bringing new technologies into the forefront. Radio Frequency (RF) heating (a form of electromagnetic heating), is an innovative thermal enhanced oil recovery method with the potential to provide an efficient production solution for heavy oil in general and bitumen in particular. RF Heating can be used in clastic (oil sands) formations as well as in carbonates or fractured formations.  RF Heating uses electromagnetic energy to mobilize bitumen and heavy oil for production, even in assets that were previously stranded.

Acceleware's RF Heating solutions offer a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to existing extraction techniques because it requires less energy to operate, no solvents, and no additional water.

RF Heating can be used in a range of different geologies and reservoir formations including:

  • Shallow reservoirs: RF Heating can operate with or without a cap rock or other containment structure required for steam
  • Cracked and fractured reservoirs, such as carbonates: RF Heating efficiently delivers heat to the reservoir directly around the antenna and does not suffer heat loss through cracks or fractures
  • Deep or thin reservoirs: RF Heating can be used at depths and in formations where steam is not viable
  • High water saturation reservoirs with unfavourable mobility ratio
  • Oil sands and bitumen: RF Heating could replace steam injection in cases of high SOR

Customized RF Heating Solutions

Acceleware provides a complete RF heating solution. From software and consulting services that accurately model the RF heating process within a reservoir, antenna and RF generator system design, to manufacturing, complete system integration, and real time monitoring.  RF heating solutions can be customized to meet the needs of a wide range of reservoir formations and well geometries - whether shallow or deep, vertical or horizontal.

Professional Services

Acceleware’s RF heating team provide a range of engineering services. Projects completed to date include:

  • Antenna Design
  • System Design
  • Modelling and Monitoring
  • Comparative studies

Simulation Software

AxHeat™, Acceleware's RF heating application, integrates reservoir simulation with electromagnetic simulation to model the heating process within a reservoir at a more detailed level for the industry's most accurate simulations.

AxHeat tracks both the petrophysical and electromagnetic properties of reservoir, as they evolve over time, dynamically adjusting antenna radiating field and heating patterns, fluid temperatures, pressures, viscosities, etc. in response to electromagnetic radiation and heating.

How AxHeat works

AxHeat Workflow


The AxHeat application

  • Accurately models RF heating within a reservoir
  • Integrates reservoir and electromagnetic simulators
  • Tracks petrophysical and electromagnetic properties
  • Dynamically adjusts the antenna fields and reservoir properties

Acceleware is able to bring its extensive experience in antenna design, electromagnetics, and sophisticated software modeling to deliver flexible and customized solutions for each client that are optimized and tuned to match the characteristics of each reservoir.


If you would like to learn more about RF Heating please download our product sheet and contact us to arrange a discussion about how Acceleware’s RF Heating experts can help you efficiently and cleanly increase your production of heavy and unconventional reserves.