CUDA Defense Workshops

These two day introductory workshops are designed for programmers working in the defense industry, who are looking to develop skills in application design and optimization to fully leverage the parallel computing capabilities of compute GPUs using the CUDA platform.

The workshops are taught by an Acceleware developer, who brings real world experience to the classroom, derived from Acceleware’s 9 plus years of building commercial GPU applications. The workshop comprises of in-depth lectures and practical hands-on exercises.

2 Day CUDA Defense Workshop Syllabus

  • Day 1:
    • Lecture: Overview of GPU Computing
    • Hands-on-Exercise: GPU Memory Management
    • Lecture: Data-Parallel Architectures and the GPU Programming Model
    • Hands-on-Exercise: Simple CUDA Kernels
    • Lecture: The GPU Memory Model & Thread Cooperation
    • Hands-on-Exercise: Shared Memory and Constant Memory
  • Day 2:
    • Lecture: Debugging GPU Programs
    • Hands-on-Exercise: NVIDIA NSight
    • Lecture: Libraries
    • Hands-on-Exercise: Experience with CUBLAS, CUFFT and Thrust
    • Lecture: Introduction to Optimization
    • Hands-on-Exercise: Profiling and Memory Performance Optimization

Each attendee will have access to a HP laptop equipped with a CUDA capable GPU for hands-on exercises. Attendees will also receive:

  • Printed manual of all lectures
  • Electronic copy of lab exercises
  • Certificate of Completion

Attendees need to have some basic C or C++ knowledge, but no prior knowledge of parallel computing concepts is assumed.

These workshops are sponsored by NVIDIA and HP and there are no course fees. Complimentary breakfast and lunch are included for both days.

HP will provide attendees with an overview of the HP GPU Starter Kit and GPU servers during the lunch break. NVIDIA will be sharing information about their GPU offering. Technical staff from all three companies will be available to answer questions.

Workshop details

Maryland Workshop

Date: May 21-22, 2013
Location: 135 National Business Pkwy.
                    Suite 310
                    Annapolis Junction, MD 20701

Virginia Workshop

Date: May 23-24, 2013
Location: 13600 Eds Dr
                    Herndon, VA 20171

Space is limited and an RSVP is required. Please use the form below to register your interest to attend. You will receive a confirmation email within 10 business days of the workshop to confirm your place.

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