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Electromagnetic Design in Korea

SEMCAD workshop hosted by Dymstec and sponsored by SPEAG and Acceleware, October 2010

What happened to the summer?

I know that Acceleware has not posted any blog entries since the end of June…..let me try to explain why. In this part of the world, summer is short. This year our summer weather has created a new definition for short as May and June were cool and rainy, and July was not much better. However during our summer months we spend as much time outside as possible soaking up the long summer days and the blogging production falls off accordingly. Now that September is here, it is time to resume normal programming. Here is a quick round-up the Acceleware fall schedule of activities.

Cell Phones in the News

SAR, Cell Phones, and San Francisco

Occasionally, scientific images can be both enlightening and beautiful

During a seismic survey, each shot sends a wave propagating through the Earth, while receivers on the surface listen for reflections as that wave bounces off of geologic layers. Real-world geology can be extremely complex, and because of the different wave propagation velocities the of the different layers, the wave never expands in simple circles, like ripples in a pond. Instead it is scattered off of high-velocity contrasts, refracts around slower regions, is focused into beams.

SuperComputing 2009 Wrap Up

Just back from my third SC conference, SC09, in Portland where I was able to confirm Doug's observation that the word 'Supercomputing' no longer figures on any of the signs, banners and conference material. It's like when Kentucky Fried Chicken went to KFC, but I'm still trying to figure out what what's so bad about the words 'super' or 'computing'. Regardless, two words that were anything but denigrated at the show were 'cloud' and 'GPU', which I'd argue were the two most prevalent themes of this year's show.

RapidMind Bought by Intel

Followers of the HPC world may have noticed the announcement this week that our fellow Parallel Computing company (and fellow Canucks BTW) RapidMind was purchased by Intel. Of course this generated a flurry of calls into the Acceleware World Headquarters :-) by colleagues, partners and of course investors asking what does this mean for Acceleware?

Design Automation Conference 2009

I had the opportunity to visit DAC 2009 this year in San Francisco. DAC is an EDA conference which showcases tools and processes that perform simulation, logic synthesis, design verification, and timing analysis.  The work we do in linear algebra has direct applicability in this space, and we are eager to expand our reach in the EDA market. The show itself was well attended and there were approximately 200 exhibitors. It was great to catch up with our customers and reach out to some new ones.

IMS 2009 Wrap Up

IMS/MTT 2009 in Boston was an extremely successful show for Acceleware.

Acceleware at IMS 2009 in Boston

For our fourth consecutive year, Acceleware will be exhibiting at the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) held in Boston from June 9th through June 11th.  I’m excited to see many familiar faces and to meet many new ones. We will be showcasing our products including our accelerated FDTD software, clustered solutions, and our linear algebra solvers.


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