IMS 2009 Wrap Up

IMS/MTT 2009 in Boston was an extremely successful show for Acceleware. This year we had the largest number of Acceleware users stop by our booth in our history of attending the show.  We were curious to hear their experiences with our products and what applications they were working on.  One of our customers positively described our software interface as ‘extremely well designed, very well documented, and easy to use.’  From the application side, end users were applying our product in a wide range of fields including the design of medical devices and predicting the performance of antennas for portable electronics.

Acceleware had a good presence at the show.  We saw a steady amount of traffic all three days, and the show was well attended, despite concerns of the economic climate.

Acceleware at IMS 2009

Almost all of the visitors to our booth acknowledged that simulation time was a critical bottleneck in their simulation and design flow.  Most had heard of GPU acceleration, and some were pleasantly surprised to find out that we offered solutions that they could use today!

From a software perspective, speed was a key message at IMS 2009. Software vendors were promoting performance as a key feature of their product, whether it was multi-core or Acceleware enabled GPU acceleration.

Being a fan of history, I was thrilled to be able to walk the Freedom Trail with my colleague Amy.  After passing the Old North Church, we stopped at Max and Dylan and had some excellent seafood and Mac and Cheese (their specialty) before resuming our walk to Bunker Hill.

Boston was a great venue for IMS this year and we were pleased that we were able to attend!



Howdy! As an ex-"computational EM" guy who used to attend these conferences now working in finance, I've always thought you guys would do well to apply your technology to finance. Particularly Monte-Carlo methods in risk management and derivative pricing. I just sent this to Sanjay Velamparambil (my good friend!), but noticing your blog, I thought I'd post it here as well:

GPUs in Finance


PS: I'm not affiliated with that workshop in the slightest, just thought you might find it interesting.

# Posted By Eric Forgy | 8/5/09 12:40 PM


Hi Eric,

We have been looking at the computational finance world as a place where we might be able to apply our technology. The link you posted is a good one. Strangely enough, I had visited the site you mentioned moments before I read your blog posting. We’ll keep you informed as we continue to develop technology that supports this field. I’m sure Sanjay will also be in contact with you. :)

By the way, I enjoyed reading your website:

The math looks fun.

# Posted By Chris Mason | 8/6/09 6:55 PM